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Tipo de Material: bachelorThesis
Título : Túnel experimental para el análisis de procesos térmicos para sistemas de aire acondicionado.
Autor : Caicedo Navarrete, Nelson Dario
Authors: Revelo Pereira, Milton Armando
Fecha de Publicación : 2009
Ciudad: Editorial : Quito/ UIDE/ 2015
Cita Sugerida : Nelson Dario Caicedo Navarrete. 2009. Túnel experimental para el análisis de procesos térmicos para sistemas de aire acondicionado. Facultad de Ingeniería Automotriz. UIDE. Quito. 104 p.
Clasificación interna: BQU'052991
Paginación: 104 p.
Resumen / Abstract: The draft thesis, which is the implementation of an experimental tunnel for the analysis of thermal processes for air conditioning systems was created because within the laboratories of the faculty of Automotive Engineering of the International University of Ecuador, there is an instrument of work of these or identical characteristics, which was the need to mount a project that we demonstrate and teach us properties of indispensable elements in any a condition system either in the automotive industry or in any type of industry. The tunnel of air-conditioning consists of two parts; the first is all the physical system, that is, all the different parties that there are within a system of air-conditioning automotive. This system was designed trying to explain how accurate and clear, in addition to how they work and the way as it is going located each of their different components. The second part consists of electronic devices that do the same operation of a control console of air-conditioning automotive, i.e. cannot have hot or cold as desired. In addition, the electronic control system allows us to modify the desired temperature either high or low temperatures, making the understanding of the materials of teams of air conditioning automotive is easier to understand and study as well as you can contribute ideas for the materials of thermodynam
URI : http://repositorio.uide.edu.ec/handle/37000/803
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