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Title: Centro de Desarrollo de Destrezas Musicales para niños de 4-12 años, ubicado en el sector de Carcelén
Authors: Erazo, María Gabriela
Tutor: Betancourt, Galo
Issue Date: Jan-2012
Publisher: QUITO/UIDE/2012
Citation: Erazo, María Gabriela. (2012). Centro de Desarrollo de Destrezas Musicales para niños de 4-12 años, ubicado en el sector de Carcelén. Facultad de Arquitectura y Diseño. UIDE. Quito. 143p.
Abstract: The areas inhabited by children are the beginning of human perceptual activity, which gradually goes rampant in our hearts, when any child is immense and unlimited space not clearly distinguish the real from the imaginary to the game we get carried away huge hand in hand in the future dreams will come true. Those places that are part of our collective unconscious and left to us by the great courts of the house of the grandparents, parks and neighborhood streets where they shared and enjoyed without any prejudice, where we were heroes and masters of the world; are present in every human being. As architects we are aware that many of our designs have been inconclusive, because they have not considered the actual spatial needs of children and the disabled, we know that the number of persons under twelve years is increasing day by day, especially in our countries. An educational establishment before an architectural work is a physical-spatial context in the service of teaching and learning processes. Comprised of an interrelated set of pedagogic environments and dependent cultural purposes, social, academic, creative, intellectual, ethical and recreational activities. This must be converted into a space of coexistence and exchange of experiences and shared knowledge, social construction of knowledge, facilitating opportunities for the proper maturation of the different stages of evolutionary development of the human person. One of its purposes: Looking to go beyond the concept of "classroom or classroom" to access the creation of different management alternatives spaces, use and handling to put them to work in educational environments or contexts of teaching and learning to contribute an adequate and optimal child development…
URI: http://repositorio.uide.edu.ec/handle/37000/2875
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