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The Institutional Repository of UIDE , has the objective of preserving and giving visibility to the academic and scientific content produced in the institution, such as: bachellor thesis, master thesis, scientific publications, books, research results, teaching jobs, etc. The repository is indexed by several harvesters such as: RRAAE, LA REFERENCIA, REDI, etc. In order to increase the visibility to bibliographic resources, in addition to allow the access and citation of academic content throughout the world.




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Once Facultades y Escuelas agrupan la variada oferta académica de la UIDE, que incluye carreras tanto tradicionales como vanguardistas, para satisfacer la demanda de profesionales de excelencia en todas las áreas del saber.


INNOVA Research Journal

Revista académica. ISSN 2477-9024

Universidad de Medellín Ciencia y Libertad

Biblioteca Eduardo Fernández Botero